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More export options, including saving the whole puzzle as a web page
'Anagrams In Pop-up' now doesn't have to use all the letters but includes shorter anagrams - great for Scrabble and 'Countdown'!

Also, a few features you have asked for:

Plain grids: Bars can now be centered on the lines.

{short description of image}

Numbering: You can remove a space from the numbering scheme.
Auto text fill improved yet again. Much faster for grids like this:

Special fill for making symmetrical word squares:

Now you can immediately use words in a text window as the dictionary for a grid. So you can make a "New Text Window" (new menu command), type or paste in some words, select "Use Window" and when you go back to your grid those words will be available to it.

    "Fun" fill improved, to make a better spread of words throughout the grid:

    New handy tool for showing all anagrams of selected word:

Creating a dictionary from a file much quicker (showing progress bar).
Smaller Main Dictionary file means less unusable words!
"Mixed" fill can use a higher proportion of theme words.


Duplicates used to sometimes find their way in after a text fill, even when disallowed in 'Preferences'.
Fixed a bug whereby, when 'Anagrams in pop-up' was selected, numbers and anagrams shorter than the relevant slot could be entered from the menu. These are now disabled, and since only the first 32 items in a menu can be disabled, only that many are shown.
The arpeggio sound now plays after any autofill has completed, unless turned off in 'Preferences'.
Improved disabling/enabling of menu fill options. For example 'Wordsquare' fill is disabled if the grid is not blank.
Fixed a bug where the number of words in the popup list of one grid could get incorrectly transferred to another grid's popup.
Fixed an error when you tried to add or delete a phrase, rather than a word, from a dictionary.
When the Statistics window is open, most menu options are now correctly disabled.
You can no longer select a width of 0pts in the WordSearch Settings dialog.
There was a problem if you tried to 'Use Window' ie create a dictionary, where a file of the same name already existed in the Dictionaries folder. Now dictionaries created by 'Use Window' are prefixed by "Dic from..."


If you are technically-minded you may be interested to see some notes about the programming side of XWord Studio