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(Mac Classic mode only)

XWord Studio is a comprehensive crossword design and production tool. You can create crosswords from scratch, or quickly recreate them for inclusion in publications. It is not disabled at all: it's a fully working shareware program.

NB XWord Studio was a remarkably popular program in its day but is now quite elderly and not compatible with Mac OSX. It should run in Classic mode if available. One day I hope to rewrite it for Windows, then migrate it to OSX.


  • Make normal grids, barred grids or 'wordsearch' puzzles
  • Save grids in a variety of formats, including HTML
  • Automatic symmetrical filling, numbering, and text entry
  • Produces a special clues template window so that you can type in your clues easily
  • Fills typical 15 X 15 grid with words in less than a second
  • Accurate and adjustable placement of characters in grid