Setlist Creator (Windows)

New for Version 1.7

NB 1.7.1 fixes bug in 1.7.0 when opening text files

Song Edit Window
There are several new fields: one for who sings the song, and one for extra comments, both of which can be displayed in the set list by using %V (think vocalist) and %C respectively in the Format window.
Another field lets you enter the location of a PDF chart, if you have one, for this song. Then, when selected in the Set List window, hitting the spacebar opens the pdf file. Great for gig/laptop situations. There is a sample pdf file included which contains charts for the first four songs in the default 'jazztunes.slp' pad.
If you are likely to add a few more songs with similar data, check the 'Use as template' box.

Doubleclicking the song title in the Set List window lets you edit the text as you wish. If you click on the title of a set, you can also specify a start time. Please enter as eg 7.20 or 20.00 (you can add 'pm' in the Format window). Use %W (think When) to display.
Now songs in the pad are shown in red if they have been placed in the set list.

Saving and loading
Now the list of styles is saved along with a Pad file. A Gig file saves just the set lengths, conditions, and setlist, not the pad as well. Now you will be asked if you want to save edited Pads or Gigs.
Higher resolution icons.
More readable screen font used for the lists.


Main Window:

The left hand pane contains your list of available songs. Details about each song, eg its length, musical style and key can be edited (see pic below). The right hand pane shows the setlist itself with options for manipulating it, adding new sets, etc.

Edit Condition Window:

If using the Auto-create function, you can define conditions about how songs should be placed.

Print Window:

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