I've paid for the programme but when I try to use it on another computer my code doesn't work. Why not?

The code is linked to the hardware you are using when you go online from the Don't Forget To Register window. To get a new code for a different computer please do the following:
Open ELP and go to Settings>Categories etc and click 'Copy unique 8-digit code'. Then paste that in an email to us and we will be able to send your new code. Please note that you will only receive up to two extra codes per registration, as a precaution against fraudulent copying.


I've just installed V4 and can't find my contacts from V3.

Version 3 and earlier saved contact lists as CSV files. To open them in V4 select the lower right 'CSV' option in the 'Open Contact List' window. Then once loaded save then as a new V4 ELP file.

Why are there so few faq?

Maybe it just works! Please use the Forum if you want to share a particular question.

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