Easy Label Printer (Windows)

New for Version 4

  • Print preview window
  • Search for contacts
  • Load Outlook Contacts
  • Easier Groups management (previously called Categories)
  • Major rehaul of Google Contacts loading
  • New fresh Windows 10 look


Most things in Easy Label Printer happen in this main window:

You add entries to the Label List (lower area) by either:

a) Selecting contacts' names from the top window and clicking 'Add to Label List' (or double-clicking),
b) Clicking 'New' and typing (or pasting) in new ones, or
c) Opening a 'labels' file.

If you want multiple entries you can 'Repeat' the currently visible entry any number of times. Each label in the list is fully editable.

Then you simply print the label list, starting from whichever label on the sheet you like. Each address is formatted for you; the size of the font is adjusted according to the number of lines in the address and is perfectly positioned.

Sheets of labels are widely available from stationery shops. Typical useful layouts are 2x7 or 3x8 (a long list of Avery templates is included). For most people printing onto label sheets is far more convenient than trying to print directly onto envelopes.


This is where you fine-tune the appearance of the labels:

and this is where you define the label sizes:

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