Download Easy Label Printer

ELP is free to download and use, but each printed label carries a small discreet advert until you register, which costs UK£12.

Download latest version (4.2.0) (2.3MB)

NB When you install the program, even though the file is certified with the publisher's name, because we are a small company and the program is new Windows 10 will probably warn you and say 'Windows protected your PC'. In that case please click 'More info' and 'Run anyway'. Similarly, it may not yet be in the database of virus protection programs. This could cause installation problems unless disabled.
(The certified publisher name is now Gregory Chapman rather than StudioSoft.)

Download last stable release (version 4.1.0) (2.3MB)

Download previous version 3 (3.1.4) (2.2MB)



Download Setlist Creator

Save functions are disabled until you register, which costs UK£10.

Download latest version 1.7.1 (640k)


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