Make Chord Window
(Cmd-M to open/activate)

Enter a root note. Select from one of four basic chord types, then an extension from the pop-up menu. The dominant type, because of its important and complex role in jazz harmony, has an extra set of variation buttons.

An important point arises with 13 chords. The basic shape would include the 11 but this is not usually what is required (unless 13 (11) or 13 sus was written) Clicking the x button omits it.

Literal: Plays the basic chord, built up literally with odd numbered notes of the scale.

Interpreted: When enabled, this will play a slight variation of the basic shape. It might improve the spacing, or omit undesirable notes (particularly the 3 in an 11 chord). It never adds notes not implied by the name. If the small left keyboard button is depressed it will also display the chord in the Keyboard Window (if open). In this case you can also depress the small right button, where it will be passed on to a chord chart.