Easy Label Printer

Easy Label Printer is a simple program for printing addresses on to sheets of labels. You can type in new addresses, or add addresses directly from Windows or Google Contacts or a CSV file. You can print a single label anywhere on the sheet, whole pages, or anything else in between.

  • Quick and simple to use - no Mail Merge!
  • Formats address for any size of label
  • Assign your own categories for quick access to groups eg Xmas Cards.

Windows desktop app. Free to use.
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Chord Namer

With Chapman's Handy (Jazz) Chord Namer you can learn about or experiment with simple to advanced jazz chords. Play a chord on the keyboard and see its name displayed, then transpose or invert it. Or build a chord from its name and see how to play it, either in its raw form or with improved spacing.

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Timetable Generator

Chapman's Handy Teachers' Weekly Rotating Timetable Generator was originally designed for visiting (eg music) teachers to schools whose pupils must not be taken out of the same lesson on consecutive weeks. Enter your data (lesson times, pupils' names) and you're one click away from a perfect timetable.

  • Describe 'conditions': pupils who cannot make certain times on certain dates
  • Randomise function
  • Copy timetable to paste into eg a spreadsheet

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Setlist Creator

SetList Creator is a quick and easy way to make setlists for your band's gigs. You maintain a list of available songs (or 'pad'), from where they can be added to your setlist. Here they can be dragged to their desired position, creating new sets as necessary.

  • Designed by a musician for busy musicians everywhere!
  • Import existing song list as a text file
  • Store details for each song eg length, key and style
  • Range of printing options
  • Tap spacebar to open PDF of song
  • Auto-create random list based on rules you specify.

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